Do you need the 3d model?

We can adapt to any kind of situation. If we have to do the 3d model the budget will increase depending on the estimated hours fixed depending on the complexity of the project.
When the client sends us a nice 3d model, results become better in a shorter period of time.

What kind of file do you need?

We work with every kind of file. We do 3d modeling in Rhinoceros so, if you work with the same software, it will be smoother for updates.

Which size will images have?

By default, our images have a ratio of 17:9 or 5:7. Size will be 4096x2160px or 2966x4096 respectively.

In case you need a specific size, please tell us at the beginning of the project.

We understand we work with amazing professional, sensitive architects. But also believe that you appreciate our way of understanding visualization and atmosphere. That's why, in every project, at least one image will be 100% done by drama.

Who is responsible of the art direction?

When we accept starting a project, we reserve enough cg artists so the project can be done in regular working days. If for any reason, we should have to work on a weekend, we will add the hours with an extra cost of 50€/hour/person.

Do you work on weekends?