Park & Palace

1st prize

We must respect and enhace the amazing value of creating a new building in the center of Madrid

Pablo Olalquiaga

This is a very special project for us. The story of how we met the Olalquiaga brothers is a bit crazy. Fran was teaching 3d at COAM and there they were! Such amazing architects!
After a couple of months, we received a call from Pablo. They were going to do a competition for a building near Debod’s temple in the centre of Madrid. They were impressed with Fran’s skills and we were a bit afraid of not being so good as he say we are. But everything went just perfect. We did some cool images and they won such a cool competition. After this one, we helped them win two more in a few months! We love everything in this project and appreciate the humanity and sensibility of Olalquiaga everytime we work with them.

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